New Research About Grapes

LONDON: Like all natural sweetness filled fruits, grapes also have numerous advantages. Experts in a new study have revealed some of its most important benefits. Eating a handful of grapes daily helps in getting rid of fat gathered around the waist and married life becomes pleasant and long lasting. Other than grapes, these benefits can also be obtained by berries.

Experts say that the ” (Flavonoids) present in fruits help in getting rid of back obesity and in the middle age helps maintaining declining sexual health. It is the ingredient that gives the fruit its color. This substance also normalizes blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, heart disease and cancer risk.

Harvard School of Public Health and the University of East Anglia experts received 24 years of data from 1 million and 24 thousand people across the United States for this study. It was evident from the results that those who took flavonoids containing fruits, namely grapes, berries, mulberry, cherry, blackberry, strawberry, etc, their waist wasn’t so prone to obesity.

Experts also gave instructions to eat fruits and vegetables. They said fruit and vegetables must be fresh and should be eaten raw or half cooked, as over cooking drains the nutrients of vegetables.