New Show of Kapil Sharma is Coming

Kapil Sharma is very sounding actor and comedian of the TV industry of India. He has left the show Comedy Night with Kapil. But now he is coming back with a new show named as “The Kapil Sharma Show”. Prior to the actual show, a small trailer or teaser was released on Tuesday. In that teaser, he was with the Shahrukh Khan.

According to this teaser, it can be anticipated that the show would not be a fail instead it will be popular. In that teaser, Kapil and Shahrukh is watching a trailer of the movie Fan. Then, Kapil said in a joking manner and said to the Shahrukh that it is quite amazing that you even employed your own fan as Shahrukh Khan. It was quite hilarious as the two joked with each other.

Shahrukh also appreciated the Kapil and his show. He also said that he is actually a fan of Kapil’s work and that is the reason he always comes to his show for promoting his new movie.

The past show of Kapil Sharma was quite a hit and everyone loved it. Fans and many other celebrities are waiting for the new upcoming show of Kapil. Kapil Sharma is considered as the most talented comedian on Indian TV.