Oscars 2016

New York: There was a boycott from the Oscar Awards seen, when Black actors were seen to be underestimated for their work. It has been seen continuously since last year till this year that due to the majority of fans being white which contributes to low votes which are being received to black actors. The under estimated films and actors consist Street of Compton and concussion. Spike lee and actress Jada Pankat have said that for Oscar awards due to many white fans she will not attend the Oscar awards. Wills wife Jada Pinkett smith on fees B Plus minus video program has said that she will not be present in the Oscars. Oscar Lee also said in the statement that white actors and a ± 40 N in two years unchanged, we cannot work ? On Thursday after the announcement on the social networking Web sites hash tag ‘ Oscars hundred white , heavily used and respected figure Alshairptn, who is a civil rights activist said that mountain is like the movies , as you go up, so it will be white.

Spiek Lee & Jada Pankat

About the Oscar nominations dispute about White actors, Will Smith and his wife Jada said: ‘No participation in the February 28 Oscar ceremony.’ In a famous public show, Will Smith said that Americas biggest power lies in diversity and that Hollywood portrays this beauty in the form of movies and films.

Will Smith