Osama Bin Laden come up the idea of crashing World Trade Center

New York: The incident of 9/11 in which 3 thousand people were killed, was a unique event of terrorism of its own kind. A lot of people had this question in mind that how did Osama come up with the idea of hitting the plane to the World Trade Center, Al Qaeda’s magazine ‘Almirah’ has answered this question now.

In an article it was written that, ‘‘inspired by an Egyptian pilot action, Laden made this plan. 59-year-old Egyptian pilot, Jamil Albtuty had some dispute going on with his airlines administration. On 31st October 1999, while taking a flight from Los Angeles to Cairo, in revenge to the administration, Jamil deliberately dropped the plane in Atlantic Ocean, causing 217 casualties, including 100 Americans. When Laden came to know about Jamil’s act, he was of the view that why didn’t Jamil hit a building instead’’

After this, Laden with the mastermind of 9/11 Khalid Sheikh, planned on hitting plan to an American building. They planned on hi-jacking 4 planes, 2 of which were made to hit World Trade Center, 1 to hit pentagon building, and the forth plane crashed into the fields.