Oscar Award 2016 Leo Finally Wins His First Oscar

Finally, the wall has broken and the curse has been dissolved, Leonardo di Caprio has won OSCAR award for best acting. He showers his all emotions in the speech that he gave on the stage. He is nominated for his best acting in the movie THE REVENENT. Movie was released in 2015 and has been watched by many people. He was waiting for this moment for last 12 years and got nominated in the best actor award but the fate doesn’t want him to win. But last year 2015 he got his shot he has won the best acting award in 2016. Last time the inter was broken when Kim Kardashian got naked on the photo shoot, but this news has also broken the internet and everyone is astonished to see him on the stage giving speech for which he was practicing for about twelve years. He said some nice words in his speech and tell the people how he managed to come so far and to wait for the award which he is holding in his hand. He said that we can’t take the planet for granted anymore, and he is not talking this Oscar for granted as well.