Pakistan Army Chief Raheel Sharif meets the Saudi Defense Minister

On Monday, when Army Chief General Raheel Sharif landed in Riyadh along with the Prime Minister, Saudi Government welcomed them at the airport and provided the highest hospitality to them. Later, Army Chief talked to the Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia, Muhammad Bin Salman As Saud. General Perceptions were established that if there would any attack on the existence of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan will certainly fight against it. Along with that Pakistan is in favor of the talks with the Iranians rather than the war or any military action. Another issue was raised that the confliction between Iran and Saudi Arabia is weakening the overall image of Muslims in the entire world.

General Raheel strongly emphasized on the mutual dividends and the good relationships between the two countries (Iran and Saudi Arabia). He also discussed the Pak-Saudi Military relationships as it was the part of the agenda. He made an impression that Pakistan has the positive intent to strengthen the Saudi Defense.

Overall Security situation of the region was also discussed as the ISIS is spreading its wing in the middle east. Saudi Government all such proposals presented by the Pakistan Government and the Army. They are willing to talk with the Iranians on the reasonable level in order to revive peace in the region. Saudi Arabia also appreciated the concerns of the Pakistan regarding the safety of the country.