Pakistan Confronted the loss, not anticipated by any

Although, Pakistan has won the first T20 International fixture, but the scripture of the second fixture was not in the favor of them. They were completely humiliated by the openers Williamson and Guptill as the only two batsmen scored the whole target without going to the pavilion. Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat first. The average score on this pitch was around 120 to 130, and the cricket Gurus estimated and projected that Pakistan would score up to 150 runs.

Pakistani Batmen initiated the game with 29 runs in the first 4 overs when they lost their first wicket. Ahmed Shahzad hit the top edge and got out by just securing the 9 runs. After the addition of just 5 runs, the second wicket was gone as Hafeez got out. As the score got doubled the third wicket was lost. Pakistan reached the mark of 130 when its fourth wicket was taken and time to time, wickets were taken by the Kiwis. The highest scorer of the Pakistani team was the Umar Akmal as he secured the 56 runs from just 27 balls.

The reason why this loss was so humiliating and embarrassing for the bowling side was that the Kiwi batmen reached the target without losing any of the wicket in just 17.4 overs.