Pakistan Declared Opium-Free Country

The United Nations has officially declared Pakistan an opium-free country.

Federal Minister of State Mian Baleegh ur Rahman has announced that the United Nations has declared that the cultivation of opium and related narcotics in Pakistan is now down to zero percent. He made this announcement while addressing the Senate today. According to Baleegh ur Rahman, the Interior Ministry has taken several steps to control the cultivation, distribution, marketing and sale of narcotics in Pakistan, which include installing check posts at the border to prevent imports from neighboring Afghanistan, arresting 722 smugglers and then locating, confiscating and then burning hundreds of thousands of kilograms of heroin, opium and weed and various other narcotics.

In his address to the Upper House, Baleegh ur Rahman also pointed out that in 2012, smuggling cases had been registered against 693 smugglers, and a total of 1600 kilogram of opium, 280 kilogram morphine, 1890 kilogram heroin, 58000 kilogram hashish and 20 kilogram of cocaine were confiscated and burned. He added that the anti-narcotic forces had been taking action against several addictive and sedative medications as well, and mentioned that pharmacies were under strict orders not to sell such medications without a prescription from a physician.