Pakistan Defence Day 2016

Pakistan Defence Day 2016 – One of the greatest tank battles history has ever seen since after the World War two. September 6th commemorates this very day today  51 years ago!

This day, September 6th marks the great battle between the two countries Pakistan and its arch enemy India. The heroic defense showed by the forces of Pakistan army, air force and navy indeed is the reason that in their honor we deem this day as a national holiday and all public organization, schools and offices are shut down for the day.

Pakistan Defence Day

Pakistan’s side of the forces showed brilliance and great resilience on the battle field. They managed to counter attack India’s advances and stood to the ground strong and proud.

Recently after the termination of Operation Gibraltar, the Second Kashmir war or the 1965 war happened. This war was named so because after 1947 this war was the first battle for the occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. Attack occurred from both the side. The Pakistan air force played an amazing role in this war.

After a 5 week long battle and Pakistan being successful in holding still to its ground and with standing the Indian attacks on 6th September 1965 ceasefire between both the countries occurred. This was lead by a few other events including the issuance of Tashkent Declaration and a settlement in the United Nations.

The highest military awards were given to the shuhada for their brave expeditions and for sacrificing their lives in the name of their people and country.  A few of the honorable shuhada include Major Aziz Bhatti , Captain Sarwar Shaheed , Major Shabbir Sharif , Lance Naik , Halvadar Lalak Jan.


To date this day is engraved in the hearts of all Pakistanis alike. In order to thank the armed forces for the courage and the dedication they showed in order to protect their nation and give their life for the people is something we can not show enough gratitude for.

6th September 2016

In return the nation celebrates this day with equal patriotism and fervor.

This year it happens to fall on a Monday.  Special Nawafil in Fajar Prayers in mosques for the flourishing future of our nation and in remembrance of the shaheed was done.

Tribute will be paid to the shuhada of 1965 war and their penances for homeland with airing national anthem by all media channels.

Then again, Inter-Services Public Relations has organized a uniformed practice at Lahore’s Fortress Stadium.

The military gun salute will happen in the city in metropolis almost at 10 am to 10:30 am and the residents of that area will be informed earlier so they don’t get worried.

Arrangements are in progress in full swing in Peshawer to organize presentation of armed force authorities’ types of gear , artilliery , guns ,Corps,  defense building instruments and numerous others. Along with this Al-Khalid and Al-Zarrar tanks, Ababeel and Shahbaz Drones, arms and radar framework utilized by military would likewise be also exhibited in the presentation.

In the mean time, Chief of Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman said that Pakistan Air Force has sound history of valor, heroism and expert perfection with regards to country. He also added that great countries never forget its legends and keep on getting the motivation drive from history.

On sixth September 1965, Pakistan s heroic military and the whole country stood joined to thwart the accursed plans of the foe who had challenged and  looked at our country with a hostile stare. The enemy doubted the regional trustworthiness and power of the nation and there fore made a move. Our country fought back and proved yet again that we may be a new and young nation but we were strong enough to push back any threat showed to us from an enemy.

Time and experience has made Pakistan stronger. Our country boasts the best army in the world and our history gives valiant examples of the heroic deeds commited by our forces. We also happen to posess a very important geopolitical status on the map of the world thus attracting attention by a lot of nations.

Pakistan has never failed to impress the world and has never made us feel any less prouder , thus the fire of fervor and passion that lives in our hearts and can not be dimmed and shall linger on till the end of times.

Army Chief says Sept 1965 is such a chapter of hour history which gave new name and history to our nation!

Long live our army and long live Pakistan!