Pakistan Improves the Position in the Corruption Perceptions Index - TI

According to the reports of the Transparency International (TI), Pakistan is the only country in the SAARC that improved its position in the index that shows the Corruption Perception and generally known as CPI.

There are five countries in SAARC, but the other four countries besides Pakistan couldn’t able to increase their points and gained the same point as in the year 2014. The report is not officially released, but on Wednesday, the report will be public.

According to the statement of TI Pakistan Chairman Sohail Muzaffar, Pakistan has increased the points in the index, which made the country to gain three positions up.

He also said that there is a potential to improve more in Pakistan by implementing no tolerance policy to the corruption. He has his hopes with the Pakistan government to make efforts to eradicate corruption. This improvement in the index will eventually attract foreign investment.