Pakistan Lost Against Their Rivals 5th Time in Wold Cup1

World cup t20 2016 is running and all the teams are showing their talents, tactics, strategies to win the cup. The tournament is running in India and the crowds have welcomed all the teams with great joy. The atmosphere in south Asian cricket stadium is always high.

Before the match all the predictions and arrows were towards Pakistan. But they all proved wrong and India won the match easily.
At Kolkata, stadium was full and weather was rainy and in such conditions, match depends upon the toss. The condition of the pitch has changed and the outfield was unpredictable.

Pakistan Lost Against Their Rivals 5th Time in Wold Cup

Umpire spins the coin and India has won the toss and has elected to bowl first. India team has judge the pitch very correctly and they have included 3 spinners in their squad. Indian team has started to bowl and Pakistani batsmen were moving with the bowl.

Pakistan batting line was not able to read the spin and Indian bowler has taken full advantage of this. Openers of Pakistan Sharjeel and Ahmed was struggling from the first ball, but they were standing on the pitch, sharjeel khan becomes frustrated and got out as he was trying to hit the ball for six. Shahzad has played sensibly but couldn’t last longer and has scored 22 runs. Then comes LALA but he was not able to stand on and got out early by making just 8 runs. Then middle order has made partnership of 40 – 50 runs by Umar akmal and shoaib Malik. Pakistan has scored 127 runs in 18 overs.

India has gained the lesson from Pakistan’ batting and has played sensibly but Pakistani bowling attack has restricted them from putting runs on the board. Indian team started to fall after rohit sharma got out and shekhar dhawan was struggling on the other end. Then comes kholi and yuvraj Singh and both have a great partnership and took the match in India’s favor. Kholi has scored 54 runs and has finished the match. Dohni has played the winning shot.