Pakistan proudly presents the Ra’ad cruise Missile, a new step into the evolving military industry

According to the reports of ISPR, Pakistan has proudly added the Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) into their military assets. This statement was given after a successful flight test. It is basically a conveyance bomb that travels hundreds of kilometers and capable of carrying the mass destruction bombs as well. The accuracy of this bomb is marvelous and very unprecedented as per the past cruise missiles. The speed of this missile is matched with the supersonic speed or even with the high subsonic speed.

One of the unique feature or attribute about this traveling is that it is undetectable by the radars due to its capability to travel at the lower altitudes. They are self-navigating, which means that they can change their course by themselves. They are essentially the non-ballistic missiles.

Such type of cruise missiles is designed to conduct an accurate and precise attack on the high- valued premises and the sites like the bridges, dams or ships. Ra’ad has the capability to cover the range of about 350 km. Its weight can reach up to 1,000 kg and it is about 5 meters in length.