Pakistan to take some Drastic Measures Against Terrorism, President Obama Says

NEW DELHI: President Obama in New Delhi persuasively made a statement regarding Pakistan that the state should take some material steps to eradicate the terrorist groups that are operating in the country. He also referred to the latest massacre of Bacha Khan University that the government of Pakistan should show some urgency on the immediate basis.

Whilst talking to the Press Trust of India, He further claimed that Pakistan is a sovereign and a strong country by means of its military and intelligence, therefore they should take some effective steps to eliminate the terrorist from the country. He also said the policy to not to negotiate with terrorist in the past was the right decision by the Pakistan but in relation to that decision, the efforts are not that sufficient.

He also appreciated the Security Forces of Pakistan for their efforts and the determination but the President emphasized on the Islamist groups that are currently working in the rural and urban areas of Pakistan, still imitating the young generation.

He strongly highlighted to the point that the time has come to brought the terrorist into the umbrella of justice. He again pointed towards Pakistan and said the country has the opportunity to show its intent regarding the eradication and dismantling of the terrorism.