Pakistan Will Receive 9 Bell Combat Helicopters from US Navy

US Navy have received an order of around $170 million worth from Pakistan so as to manufacture and deliver nine fuel kits and also nine AH-1Z aircrafts. This was made clear by the US Department of Defense in a statement.

The contract has actually been received by the Bell Helicopter for producing the finest combat helicopter and safely deliver it to the Pakistan. This contract is made under the Foreign Military Sales Program.

Pakistan is currently is still in a fighting phase against the Taliban and other similar terrorist groups. These helicopters will help the Pakistan Defense to get stronger.

These helicopters of Bell would be comprised of twin engine having the ability to reach the top speed of 420 km per hour. It also has a very superb ranges of around 610 kilometers. This contract will be completed in the future that is September 2018.

This initiative was approved by the US Navy in April 2015.

In 2015, US Navy also approved the sale of the 15 AH-1Z Vipers to Pakistan. That deal was worth to an amount of $952 million.
In this February, another contract was signed and approved of giving 8 F-16 Fighter jets to Pakistan.