Broken TV sets, Aggression of Pakistani Fans1

Pakistan and India match is always a fun to watch fixture. But, people on both sides, take it more than that. They watch it with optimal passion as all they care about is the end result no matter how well the players played. They just want their team to be successful. Sometimes the situation gets out of the hands due to the absurdity of some. People get so much mad that they don’t care about the surroundings. They even hurt themselves either by hitting themselves or destroying their TV sets. It’s becoming a custom that people are getting extremely passionate about those matches and in the end, when they don’t get their desired results, they start to take things in their own hands and start destroying things like a psychopath.

Broken TV sets, Aggression of Pakistani Fans

In the recent fixture between India and Pakistan, in which India won by 13 balls, people in Pakistan people got mad and some of them even destroyed their TV sets publicly. Although, this shows a passion but still on the other hand it also shows the immaturity and idiotic behavior as the people failed to realize that the match wasn’t that one sided. Pakistan also gave India a tough time to reach the total.

Broken TV sets, Aggression of Pakistani Fans3