Paradigm Shift in Pakistan Auto Industry

Car is the basic need of the people to travel but the prices of the new car is so high that the people are forced to travel through public transport. New set up is being introduced in the country and now more companies can manufacture cars in the nation. Board of investment chairman Dr. Miftah Ismail has given statement, “Now five companies can manufacture cars in the country and this will raise the competition and lower the prices”. Upon speaking to radio Pakistan he said this will decrease the prices of the cars and will increase the quality of the cars.

He said this is not all; they are making a team that will check and monitor the condition of the car and their engines. Prices of the spare parts of the buses and other vehicles are also reduced and the taxes are also reduced by the government to increase the import of the cars.

Pakistan economic forum chairman has said that “policy of government will increase the competition in the local market and company will be bound to provide the cars in two months.” This is a good step as the purchasing power of the people is going beyond the limits.