Peshawar Bus Explosion

Bomb planting and blasting are becoming the part of routine in Pakistan but in recent years this have been stooped and many terrorist were arrested who were engaged in these bombing. But on Wednesday morning this has revive and bus full of people explodes. And innocent people died because of no reason.

The blast took place in Peshawar on Sunehri Masjid road on Wednesday morning when the bus was on routine and picking up government employee from shergarh in Mardan. Buses routinely picked those workers and transport them to the city for work. But this morning the scenario was different bus picked them up but on their way to work the bus explodes and 15 people are dead and 30 are injured.

Many types of bombs are now being used in the attacks but this time the attacker used the time bomb. Police superintendent Kashif Zulfiqar said that, the blast was caused by the timed improvised explosive device (IED) which was planted into the tool box inside the bus.
Bus was carrying the employee of civil secretariat and they were coming from Mardan. Bus was carrying at least 40- 50 passengers.

Peshawar Bus Explosion 2

According to DC Riaz Mahsud: attack has happened at 7:55 am and the targets were PDA employee. Bus was blown from the top and other part of the bus was cut to rescue the people inside.

Many of the eye witnessed has stated that after the explosion the bus has lost he control of bus and it was dragging on fire for further few hundred yards. More than 15 people at Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) were air force employee. The magnitude of the blast was so intense that the windows of the nearby building were broken into pieces.

Prime Minister have condemned the attack and said that this cowardly act will not shatter our hopes of becoming the better nation and we will stand by with each other.