PIA Flight Operation Even Closed on the 5th Day, Flights Cancelled

Karachi+Jeddah+Lahore: Palpa President Amir Hashmi says that pilots are willing to give their duty if 50% of employees are with them, flights can be restored. Whereas, the number of PIA passengers stranded in Saudi Arabia has exceeded 4000. The Pakistani council general in Jeddah assured that 900 passengers have been sent to Pakistan and arrangements are being made for the rest.

Flight from Kuwait, and flight to Karachi cancelled in Sialkot on Saturday, flights from Saudi Arabia and flights to Islamabad have also been cancelled. 2 in Faisalabad, 2 in Sakkar, 1 flight in Gilgit and 5 flights in Skardu in 5 days have been cancelled.

On the other hand, the meetings between the government and PIA Joint Action Committee was useless. Privatization Commission Chairman Mohammad Zubair said that dialogue would start after the restoration of flights whereas the Chairman of the Joint Action Committee said that we have listened to the government advice, and will meet today after discussion, but flight operations will remain suspended until the result stands out.

Palpa’s president said that to solve the issue of privatization, we are in favor of dialogue, want to continue flight operations instead of protests. He further said that we are being threatened to kill, the details of which have been written in a letter to Nawaz Sharif.

PIA has issued orders to Cabin crew members staying in a hotel in Karachi to leave the hotel. According to the orders, crew members will have to leave the hotel as soon as possible and after 5th February, PIA will not pay the rent for any member of the crew.

The strikers continue to protest in the different parts of the country, including Lahore, Karachi, Multan and Faisalabad.