PM Nawaz Sharif and COAS Raheel Sharif was Welcomed in Saudi Arabia!

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia has the most unique and friendly relationship with each other. Yesterday, when the PM and the Army Chief reached the Saudi Arabia, they were welcomed with the open hands in order to hear their perspective. They landed in Riyadh, where the governor of the city received them. Both were there to talk about the peace mission in order to persuade the both countries to immediately stop such conflicts. Pakistan has decided to play the role of umpire in order to resolve the dispute. The differences stimulated when the Saudi Government sentenced the death penalty and hanged the Shia Leader over on a speech against the Royal establishment of Saudi Arabia.

When the plane carrying the PM and the Army Chief along with the Special Assistant of PM Tariq Fatemi and the national security advisor Nasir Janjua, landed at the King Salman Airport, the Governor of Riyadh was present there to welcome them.

The Pakistani squad discussed the confliction between Iran and Saudi Arabia, in order to contemplate on the situation plus to understand the Saudi Government’s perspective. Today, PM and the other diplomats will travel to Iran to hear their side of the story as well.