PM Nawaz Sharif Emphasized on Karachi Operation And Green Bus Project

In Karachi, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was addressing to the public and said that Green Line Bus was quite mandatory for the Karachi Public to commute effectively. He also told that the Karachi to Lahore motorway project is also in the pipeline and it is in the Wok in Progress Phase. Prime Minister also mentioned the future planning of completing the Lyari Express Way.

His speech also included the emphasis on the continuation of the Karachi Operation to eradicate the terrorist element from the city and will continue till the peace is retrieved 100% in the city. Due to this operation, the crime level is declining and will eventually reach to a level when, there will be no concern of security. Thus, the administration will focus on the development of the modern infrastructure for the city.

He made his speech to the inaugural of the Karachi Green Line Bus ceremony. He said that the Project was announced a year ago and now it is proudly being completed. He elaborated the potential benefits of the project by saying that every area it covers will appreciate it for sure and it will bring far more comfort for the citizens to travel.