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Pokemon Go, the extremely viral and addicting game is taking the entire world by storm. It is an augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic. It was released on 6th July 2016 in the Australia and the United States of America for iPhone and android users. It is a free game however, it has the option of in-app purchases if you’re willing to spend your money.

Pokemon Game Guide: Augmented Reality

Those of you who were born in the 90’s are quite familiar with the classic Nintendo franchise. It is perhaps the most loved video game world wide. Nintendo recently entered the mobile phone market to create an innovative, free game on mobile platforms based on their most beloved franchises. Pokemon Go allows player to customize their avatars by choosing different styles, hair, skin, eye color from an array of choices. Then, the game allows players to capture and battle virtual creatures known as Pokemon who appear throughout the world. The game makes use of your location, GPS and compatible cameras because of which, players have to go around their cities looking for exotic Pokemons. On the map, there are a number of PokeStops or gyms which are typically located at local landmarks such as museums, public parks, mausoleums, places of worship or other places with cultural significance. Different Pokemon species reside in different areas, for example, you’re more likely to find a water Pokemon near the sea etc. To successfully capture a Pokemon, the player may throw a Pokeball at it and the Pokemon may come under his or her ownership. The more Pokemons you capture, you level up and at level 5, the player is allowed to join any one of the three factions in the Pokemon world: Team Mystic,  Team Valour or Team Instinct. One can battle another player from a different faction for the ownership of their gym.

Pokemon Go

Instant Success from the ‘Go’

24 hours after its release, Pokemon Go topped the American Play Store’s ‘Top Grossing’ and ‘Free’ chart. It became the most active game, being played by 21 million users around the globe and beating Candy Crush Saga’s previously held record of 20 million.

The Pokemon Controversy

Some people have voiced their concerns over many issues regarding the game. For example, public places have become PokeStops or gyms because of which people crowd around the areas, searching for Pokemon’s instead of visiting the place for original reasons. Other issues include inattentive driving or using of one’s phone while driving, trespassing in other houses to catch a Pokemon or because the person’s house was turned into a gym, which is against the laws. People are also concerned about their safety as they are targeted by criminals or suffer serious injuries from accidents due to being unaware of their surroundings. However, doctors and therapists conclude that Pokemon Go can potentially improve the mental and physical health of players suffering from depression or social anxiety.

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Numerous players have also reported increased motivation to exercise and improved moods. Because you have to walk around to catch Pokemons, it also lowers the risk of obesity which is coming out as a serious problem for the entire world population. It is a better alternative to staying at home and playing video games. Elsewhere, a woman discovered a dead body while playing Pokemon Go. All over, if the fact that it is the top grossing game of 2016 doesn’t convince you, clinical studies have also shown that it is a successful game due to it’s nature of being an outside/adventure game which increases people’s mental health.

Pokemon Go has yet to release in Pakistan due to server problems, however millions of people have illegally downloaded and played it. Our only concern about this is that we hope your mobile doesn’t get captured by snatchers instead of a Pokemon!