Prime Minister Has Given His Statement on Women Rights Bill

Leader of JUI Maulana Fazal Ur Rahman has said to the media that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has given his statement about the women right bill. He said that, they have talked about the women right bill in a meeting and have recorded his statement on it. He said that prime minister has given his word on women rights bill and has promised to work for the women rights. He said that he will make up a law after taking opinion with other member of the assembly.

Maulana Fazal Ur Rahman has said that prime minister has made a committee which will seek advice from the Ulma e Karm to make amendment in the bill. According to Maulana, prime minister has said that they are looking to this bill and after taking advice from the ulma ikarm they will make amendment in the bill in the light of Quran and Sunnah.