Priyanka Had Tried to Kill Herself said Former Manager

In reaction of the recent death of Pratyusha Banerjee, the former manager of Priyanka Chopra, Prakash Jaju has shared his views regarding the suicide of the celebrities on Twitter. He said that the celebrities living alone in the Mumbai city has higher probability of getting depressed from life. He said that specially girls are sensitive and if no one is there to take care of them, they start to take drugs that eventually lead them to commit suicide. He also explained the initial difficult phase that every star has to confronted with. He also gave an example in relation to this confrontation. He gave the example of her former client Priyanka Chopra by saying that she had faced the similar difficult phase by herself. Jaju also told that that she even tried to commit the suicide not just one time but several times. He also mentioned himself as being a hero for stopping her each time.

In his tweets, Jaju elaborated each attempt of Priyanka’s suicide. It was quite obvious that he was trying to get the attention by telling his heroic accomplishments. He also said that Priyanka and his former boyfriend used to fight a lot and he was one who always give Priyanka a shoulder to cry.