Prominent App developed by 2 Pakistanis; No need of your Car keys now

Car keys are getting obsolete as now you can use your own cell phone to unlock, start or lock the car again. There has an app now which you can install in your phone to utilize the benefits. This app has been developed by the two Pakistanis named as Muhammad Ali Arshad and Hammad Yasir. It has basically two potential benefits, it resolves the handling of the car key and the second is that it will secure the access to your car.

This app is just a life saver for many who lost their keys or even forgot it in the car. You just need your phone for that to resolve. It has been launched with a named “CarChaabi”, of which Chaabi is a word in Urdu for key. You will require to have the device installed in your car and synchronize it with your phone. Bluetooth will be used to connect that device with your phone which is quite familiar to the most Pakistanis. The range of this device is around 100 feet from the car. This could be a revolutionary device as far as Pakistan is concerned.