According to the law, any organization willing to import and offer cell phones in Pakistan must enroll its business in the country. After that, they need to apply for NOC and Type Approvals before offering their cell phones to the general public. However, recently it was noticed that an unofficial Xiaomi store was functioning in Pakistan through the website and a Facebook page. After some research, it was revealed that it was not a certified store but someone running it privately with connections to the Mi International. Also, the site has connections to Xiaomi’s legitimate site and that it was putting forth international guarantee of the cell phones too. Additionally received affirmations from the people buying Xiaomi smartphones that they were being sold at practically the official costs from the site being referred to.

PTA Bans Sale of Xiaomi Smartphones

The PTA Position on Xiaomi Ban

Now, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority or PTA has banned the website for selling the smartphones in question,

The website posted a message letting their customers know about the situation saying:

  • We have stopped smartphone sales in Pakistan until further notice.
  • The Pakistani concerned authority (PTA) through Mr Nauman Khalid “[email protected]” has demanded that has to stop the sale/marketing of all Mi mobile devices.
  • As of yet, the website has not been notified the official reason why the distribution of the smart phones was at a stand still so the website went on to mention:
  • We have great respect for the authorities at the PTA, and we believe their intentions are good. But it is quite surprising that Pakistani customer’s right has been denied without any reason.
  • If they have any legitimate concern we are ready to address it but so far we haven’t got any rational reason.

Xiaomi’s Bleak Future in Pakistan

The reveal came from some sources that a few wholesalers or distributors had connected to get NOC and type approval from the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to make the sale of Xiaomi smart phones available in Pakistan. But their request was not entertained, supposedly in light of the fact that Xiaomi doesn’t work in Pakistan through a physical office. Furthermore, Xiaomi wouldn’t like to enroll itself in Pakistan. It is intriguing to note here that Xiaomi doesn’t have any arrangements to formally dispatch in Pakistan until 2018.

XiaomiPK, without the NOC, began offering Xiaomi cell phones in Pakistan on July eleventh 2016, giving Mi cell phones, power banks and extra accessories at nearly the same company costs with after-deal administrations and global guarantee.

In addition enlisted organizations, that are at risk to get NOC and type approvals, are likewise required to give guarantee after sale services to customers in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority may have its reasons to reject the Xiaomi company from receiving permission to start legal distribution of smart phones in Pakistan. That does not in any way does means they are supplying the smart phones illegally.