PTI chairman Imran Khan addresses a gathering in Dera Murad Jamali

Dera Murad Jamali: PTI chairman Imran Khan said that he has come forward to provide the people of Balochistan with their rights. While referring to Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind, Khan said that your people love you and Allah grants respect to the person who respects his people. Rind promised Khan to give the people of Balochistan their rights. Khan quoted the verse of Holy Quran that says ‘I gave life to you, prevail justice on earth’. He further said that we have all been sent for a task to prevail justice and he promised the people that he would fight against the atrocious and barbaric acts.

Khan said that Nawaz Sharif’s government would not survive till 2018. Talking to the youth, He said that you have been deprived of water facility, if Nawaz Sharif had made a canal water system instead of wasting money on Metro, at least people would be provided with water.

Khan said that peaceful protest is the right of democracy, he held protests after the elections for years, therefore protest is the right of the PIA employees, they cannot be deprived of this right.

Khan said that their government has been striving hard for the betterment of the institutions, for the betterment of hospitals they didn’t privatize them, but changed their management. ‘I will make sure that the money of the people is spent on them’, he added. He asked PM to construct a road till Balochistan, so that it stays contacted with the rest of the country.

Khan presented his 5 demands. Firstly, the prices of petrol and diesel should be reduced to 5 and 20 rupees respectively. The infrastructure tax on Sui gas should be removed, 3 points in electricity should also be reduced, Institutions management shall be corrected and the workers of steel mill shall be given their pays.