Punjab CM’s Wife stated against the Sharif Family

Recently, due to Panama Leaks, many questions have been raised regarding the morality of the PM’s Family. On this Tuesday, an interesting and quite astonishing statement was given by the wife of Punjab’s Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif regarding these leaks in relation to the PM’ family. She asked the Nawaz Sharif’s Family, her in laws, to come up clean in front of the nation by declaring all the money that has been saved on the loss of tax collection. She said that the money should be returned to the country.

She presented her views through the medium of Twitter as she said that all the money whether kept outside or locally, should be returned in order to retrieve the reputation of Sharif. She also said that the Sharif family should live a simple life rather than a luxury one because all this lifestyle is based on the money saved from tax evasion. Although, her name was also included in the list of Panama Leaks. She denied all such allegations as she strongly proposed that she had never owned such property at abroad. She also challenged the media to clearly provide the document that proves her association with such offshore companies.