Qandeel Baloch's Demise

She was a model and entertainer by profession. She started from a Pakistani reality TV show called ‘Desi Kudiyan‘ and that was where she made her official Facebook page and got the limelight through her videos and pictures. Personally I would call her the Pakistani version of the Kardashians. Her aim in life was to seek attention and publicity from the masses and she was getting it. As per rumors she was even going to take part in the next season of Big Boss in India and there was much hype about it. People were looking forward to what she would take out from her magic hat every moment and what she had to offer to her audience as an entertainer.

She has done a few stunts in the past that helped her in gaining a quick popularity including proposing Imran Khan for marriage, encouraging our very own Pakistan National Cricket team during the T20 Cricket World Cup Tournament season and even making a short trip to the house of a well renowned Islamic Scholar Mufti Abdul Qavi.

Qandeel Baloch's Demise was tragic and unexpected news for the whole country.

What’s worse to know is that despite her getting hate from the people, we were the ones who gave her the much ‘shamed’ popularity as the people liked to call it. If she had a negative image we were the one who gave that to her, if she got killed it was us who incited everything. Our nation doesn’t realize that what wring with us is that we loved her entertainment, seeked diversions, gave her millions of views and unnecessary popularity that we all liked to complain about after having viewed her videos a thousand times. It’s high time our people realize that no one requires their judgments. It would be better if they keep it to themselves. She was a human who was murdered. She was killed for no specific reason except for being a woman in this misogynist society.