Quetta Blast, 10 people killed in a FC Attack

City of Quetta has been targeted again as 10 people lost their lives in an attack that was aimed towards the FC. This figure of 10 includes the 4 security personnel along with a child and a woman. There are around 23 people in the hospitals that got injured in this horrific attack on Saturday in the Quetta.

As per the reports, it is revealed that the attack was of suicide nature as when the security forces were patrolling the area of Adalat Road in the city, a motor bike rider hit the truck and blasted the whole truck.

Various police officers rushed to the place and sealed the area instantly. Injured people were taken away to the hospital along with the ones who lost their precious lives. They were taken to the Civil Hospital of Quetta.

After the news, an unknown group of terrorist associated from the Tahreeke Taliban Pakistan, had admitted it. According to the representor of TTP, Mohammad Khorasani, the attack was planned and executed by the TTP.

According to the DIG police, the suicide attack was committed by the help of the 12 to 15 kg of explosive. This attack could be the reaction of the past 250 intelligence based operations, stated by the Anwar ul Haq Kakar, the representor of Baluchistan Government.