Ranbir and Katrina Calling for breakup

Who is not aware of the love affair of the popular celebrities Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif? They are making headlines since long now. They have been seen together in parties and hotels but something is not quite right between them now days.

According to reports, the couple has broken up after a long relationship.

PinkVilla, India’s leading entertainment site has confirmed the rumors. According to them Ranbir took all the luggage form their flat and Katrina went to promote her upcoming film and parted their ways. Maybe things were not working for them. A lot of stress had been observed between the couple in past few months. They agreed on the fact that their issue cannot be resolved. Moreover Deepika’s proximity envied Katrina.

She expressed her jealousy in an interview saying that she cannot force her will on the people in her life. They are free and can make their own choices. I may not be happy with their decisions but still I think they will evolve with the passage of time and will make better decisions then.

Besides all this, their new scandal did not fail to make the headlines. It was a photo in which the couple was kissing, though some people considered it a publicity stunt.

Let’s hope for the happiness of the couple.