Ratings of TV Channels Reveled for the First TimeHave you ever tried knowing which channel or Television show is most watched, meaning which television channel has the highest rating.

Pakistan’s only Media rating industry ‘Kantar Media’ (Media Logic), has provided with the list of most watched television shows on which television channels. Kantar media fixes specific machines in homes across the country through which information is gathered, the information is kept confidential and only company knows about it.

Ratings of TV Channels Reveled for the First Time 1

However, this rating was a mystery to users, but now PakeNews will provide information about the rating of our favorite programs.

Below is the rating of the shows from 25th till 31st January;

From Monday to Thursday, between 7 and 8pm, the most watched programs was Dunya Tv’s ‘NUKTA NAZAR’

Between 8 to 9pm, “On the Front With Kamran shahid’ Duniya News show and ‘Capital talk’ of Geo News had been the most watched shows.

Ratings of TV Channels Reveled for the First Time 2

  • From 9 to 10pm, users preferred to hear news from Geo News, thus Geo News had the highest rating.
  • From 10 to 11pm, the most watched show was Geo News show ‘Aaj Shazaib Khanzada kay sath’.
  • From 11 to 12pm, crime stories program ‘court no. 5’ achieved the highest rating.