Reason For Not Telecasting the Video Call of Altaf Hussain

Chief of MQM Altaf Hussain is living in London and he communicates to his party member and workers through telephone and through video call. Now a day’s, Altaf Hussain is communicating through telephone.

Former member of MQM Nabeel Gabol has said that the reason for not telecasting the video of Altaf Hussain is that he is very ill and is not able to talk, walk or eat. He says that he has some kind of disease and some fluid leaks out through his body every day and it is so smelly. He also said that only Dr. can enter in his room.

Nabeel Gabol has confessed that Altaf Hussain is not in good condition and sometimes Babar Ghauri and Mustafa Azizabadi has to mimic Altaf Hussain’s voice. He said that member of MQM Babar Ghauri has a talent of mimicking voices as Babar Ghauri was an artist and has performed many stage dramas.