Red Flags on the GM corn and cotton approvals

Experts are in high doubts and started to raise questions on the recent approvals of the genetically modified corn and cotton. There are more than 100 types of these GMs that have been approved. Agricultural experts are sure about these genetic cotton and corn that will be available for the consumers in the market. These experts are proposing that the Genetically modified products are not tested enough as they have not been put through the regulatory system and safety laws. They also said that the standards for the operating procedure are also been neglected, from a commercial point of view, they have not been considered at all. On the other side, the Minister of Climate Change Secretary Ahmed Kaif, have appreciated the initiative by defending the government.

He also congratulates the team that was involved in the processing of these new genetically modified items. He backed his perception by saying that the Technical Advisory Committee has approved all the commercialization processing and this committee has comprised of the reputable agricultural scientists around the globe. Experts are still not convinced as they have proposed that the regulatory trials have not been done properly. These trials were actually done on the small scale.