Religious parties are stood against women right Bill

Recently Prime Minister has passed the bill on Women Right but Religious parties are stood against the bill. Religious parties have demand government to withdraw the bill till 27 march. And they have arranged a meeting on 2nd April in Islamabad. In the meeting all the Ulma e Karam will be present and they will talk about the bill.

Leader of religious parties have meet in Mansoura and they have talked about the bill. After the meeting they have announced that the bill which is for women rights is not good enough and this will increase the divorce rates and the family system of the country will be demolished .They have demanded that assembly should withdraw the bill immediately and should revise the bill with the advice of Ulma e Karam. They have also said that if government will not withdraw the bill immediately they will a start campaign against the bill like they have done in 1977. They said government has to accept their demand and should act according to article 31. Leader of religious parties have announced that they will arrange a meeting and then decide about the bill. And if the bill stays then they will start a big campaign against it.