Revolutionary Change for WhatsApp Users

In San Francisco, WhatsApp has announced that from now one all the messages sent by the WhatsApp users to each other, will be encrypted. After this initiative, all the messages will be sent in secrecy. Only the recipient can access the messages and no other party can retrieve the messages as now they are more protective and encrypted. It would be impossible to get the message that is not meant to be sent. This security initiative is quite a big news for the users as from now on they can use the WhatsApp without having any doubts.

This encryption is not limited to the messages only but also it is applicable to the calls, pictures, video, and voice messages. Through End to End Encryption, now you can easily send or receive any file or message within the optimum secured environment. All the group chats are also now more secure and safe from the hacking. This is what the Snowden wanted to see that is the maintenance of the personal data without any involvement of government intervention. It is announced by the WhatsApp that this encryption no one can intervene your messages and other media sharing including the hackers, Cyber Criminal Authorities, Government and not even the WhatsApp itself. It is like creating an environment on internet where two persons are talking to each other without having any check or intervention from others.

Such type of encryption doesn’t get much of an appreciation by the government authorities and they condemned it in the past. The recent case of Apple and American Government is the example that proves that government requires the intervention and they want to monitor the messages sent through any social medium. Government authorities want such intervention in order to monitor and stop any criminal or even terrorist activity. On the other hand, Companies like WhatsApp, considers this intervention as the violation of the personal space.