Rio 2016 Olympics Brazil

Rio 2016 Olympics: Athletes from all over the world made their way to Rio di Janeiro, a huge seaside city famed for its beaches, the 38m Christ the Redeemer statue atop Mt. Corcovado, Sugarloaf and boisterous Carnival festival, featuring parade floats, flamboyant costumes and samba which is hosting the world’s biggest sporting events – the 2016 Olympics.

Rio 2016 Olympics

It seems only yesterday that Steve Redgrave lit the torch at the Olympic Stadium but the torch has been passed to Brazil and the XXXI Olympiad is nearly here!

With 10,500 competitors from 206 nations contending in 28 games, there’s a heap of activity. And we’ll let you know exactly what is happening all the way in Brazil so you never miss a thing.

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24 Pakistanis to watch at the Olympics 2016

Rio 2016 Olympics – Not to let you down or anything, but out of the 24 people contingent representing the country, only 7 out of them are participating in the Games while the other 17 are officials.

A country that once prided itself on delivering the world’s best hockey abilities hasn’t qualified in the game surprisingly since its maiden appearance in 1948 London Games.

24 Pakistanis to watch at the Olympics 2016

The nation’s decline says a lot about the country’s lofty decrease with regards to games, and much more about the absence of government enthusiasm for advancing and supporting the nation’s sporting talent.

The competitors to contribute the Olympics incorporate swimmers Lianna Swan and Haris Bandey, who are both based abroad, and in addition Judoka Shah Hussain Shah, shooters Ghulam Mustafa and Minhal Sohail, and sprinters Mehboob Ali and Najma Parveen. They fundamentally fit the bill for the competition through either wild card or continental quota system.

In Olympics, wildcards are offered to countries whose athletes fail to meet the qualification standards.

Refugees get A Chance to Shine at The XXXI Olympiad

Rio 2016 Olympics – If bravery was an Olympic sport, the 10 athletes who make up the first-ever refugee team in Rio would be odds-on for a clean sweep of the gold medals.

From Yusra Mardini, a teenage swimmer from Syria who braved a Mediterranean crossing in a leaky dinghy, to Popole Misenga, who spent eight days hiding in a forest as a terrified child to flee bloody fighting, each of the refugee athletes have overcome daunting odds to preserve their Olympic dreams.

Refugees get A Chance to Shine at The XXXI Olympiad

The 25-year-old butterfly and freestyle swimmer Anis described the refugee team as a group that “does not despair.” “We have iron wills. We feel sad of course because of the wars in our countries.”

Coach Geraldo Bernardes said the question of whether any of the refugee team can win a medal is irrelevant. “People ask if they can win a medal. I say they have already won their medals just by getting to Rio,” he said.

Rio 2016 Olympics – Pakistan is 8 hours ahead of Rio de Janeiro which means most of the events will be broadcast during the afternoon. It’s the first time that these Games are being hosted in South Africa which has all of us thrilled. Star Sports and BBC will be covering all events live and you can watch it by turning on your televisions. You may also find countless websites providing free live streaming websites to tune into in case cable facilities are unavailable.

What Not to Miss in Olympics 2016?

Rio 2016 Olympics – Usain Bolt guarantees that history will be made as he endeavors to guard his 100 m, 200 m and 4×100 m titles in what might be a phenomenal “triple-triple”. American Katie Ledecky is well on her way to becoming the Michael Phelps of ladies’ swimming, and if Christian Taylor covers Edwards’ triple-jump world record, it could be one of the best accomplishments of the entire Games.

How And Where to Watch the Rio Olympics 2016

Pakistani Athletes: Schedules

Day 1

  • Minhal Sohail competes in Women’s 10 m air rifle shooting.
  • Haris Bandey competes in Men’s 400 m freestyle swimming.

Day 6

  • Shah Hussain Shah competes in Men’s 10 kg Judo.

Day 7

  • Ghulam Mustafa Bashir competes in Men’s 25 m rapid fire pistol shooting.
  • Lianna Swan competes in Women’s 500 m freestyle swimming.

All Sports in Rio 2016 Olympics

A list of all sports in which the athletes will compete is as follows:

  1. Archery (4 events)
  2. Athletics (47 events)
  3. Badminton (5 events)
  4. Basketball (2 events)
  5. Beach Volley ball (2 events)
  6. Boxing (13 events)
  7. Canoe Slalom (4 events)
  8. Canoe Sprint (12 events)
  9. Cycling – BMX (2 events)
  10. Cycling – Mountain bike (2 events)
  11. Cycling – Road (4 events)
  12. Cycling – Track (10 events)
  13. Diving (8 events)
  14. Equestrian (6 events)
  15. Fencing (10 events)
  16. Field Hockey (2 events)
  17. Football (2 events)
  18. Golf (2 events)
  19. Gymnastics (14 events)
  20. Handball (2 events)
  21. Judo (14 events)
  22. Marathon Swimming (2 events)
  23. Modern Pentathlon (2 events)
  24. Rythmic Gymnastics (2 events)
  25. Rowing (14 events)
  26. Rugby Sevens (2 events)
  27. Sailing (10 events)
  28. Shooting (15 events)
  29. Swimming (32 events)
  30. Synchronized Swimming (2 events)
  31. Table tennis (4 events)
  32. Taekwondo (8 events)
  33. Tennis (5 events)
  34. Trampoline (2 events)
  35. Triathlon (2 events)
  36. Volleyball (2 events)
  37. Water polo (2 events)
  38. Weight lifting (15 events)
  39. Wrestling (18 events)