Salman Khan Couldn’t Able Save His Brother’s Marriage

For the past months, the news has been surrounding regarding the divorce of Arbaaz Khan and Malaika Arora. They used to be a charming couple but now their marriage is almost over. Salman Khan, brother of Arbaaz, had also attempted to patch up between the two but apparently, he has failed to do so. Malaika is not convinced with the proposals set forward by Salman and decided to go to court for the divorce. Arbaaz and Malaika had numerous issues that were deteriorating the relationship between the two. They were together for so many years but now they cannot live together.

Fans are also very sad to know the divorce between the two. Malaika has already made her mind up to file for the divorce as she felt that they cannot live together. She is not going to hear anyone’s opinion and will do whatever she wants. They were appeared in some of the episodes of the TV show Power Couples. She has already left the house with her son Arhaan and moved to an apartment on rent. She is quite upset now and not attending any of the family events. This divorce will be finalized soon.