Samsung’s New Intriguing Offer

Islamabad: In the mobile industry, it is now known to everyone that Samsung and Apple are big competitors, great rivals. Apple and Samsung in the smartphone industry and companies are taking various measures to humiliate each other to meet the growing competition.

Samsung is now introducing a unique offer for its customers. It has been reported that Samsung is going to introduce an offer by which Pakistani’s can change their iPhone 6 or 6S for Galaxy S6 Edge or Galaxy Note, meaning customers would be able to swap their phones. The offer stands for a limited time though.

Anyone can change their iPhone models during the time period to be mentioned. People who take this offer would get VR (Gear VR), which will be provided for free. People can get this offer from selected Samsung stores in Pakistan. iPhones can also be replaced by Samsung mobiles in SES and hero shops. You will go to a specified store where you can get an estimate of your iphone’s price, if you agree to the price, you can pay the rest of the amount and one of the above mentioned Galaxy phones. Either s6 Edge or Galaxy Note.