Saudi aids Pakistan with $122million

Saudi Arab has funded Pakistan in the past and the relation between the countries is very strong. But this time Saudi has given Pakistan way much more, and has signed an agreement of $122 million on Thursday. Agreement of $67 million was signed when the prime minister and army chief was addressing the ceremony of multi Islamic nation “thunder of north” exercise.

Saudi Arab has made the alliance of 34 nations and Pakistan is the member of it, this alliance was made last year to fight against terror. The agreement of $67 million is the highest aid given by the Saudi Arab to Pakistan in the last 8 years. Last time in the year 2013-2014 Saudi Arab has gifted Pakistan $1.5 billion.

5 years contract has been signed in the surveillance of economic affair division secretary Tariq bajwa and vice chairmen and managing director of Saudi fund development Yousef Ibrahim al Bassam and the value was $67 million and a loan was passed of $55 million, according to EAD. All the ceremony and contracts were signed was witnessed by Ishaq dar. They have spent $6million on construction and $20 million on the Islamabad general hospital and $26 million for reconstruction of the houses of the victims of earth quakes.