Scientists revealed a New Approach to weight Loss

Tons of research is available on internet regarding the weight loss. According to many health experts, dieting is the main core of weight loss. Most of the people usually focus on the amount of food they are taking in but they are neglecting the timing and their habits of those in takings. Experts also says that our body operates according to a biological clock. We have to eat according to this clock, which means that we have to take our breakfast, lunch or dinner within the certain time period. If we delay any of these foods, then our digestive system would certainly malfunction. This malfunction will increase the probability of the diabetes and weight gain that has other associated health disadvantages.

According to the member of the Weizmann Institute of Science that we should not only ask as yourselves what we take in but also we should ask ourselves when we eat. Biological clock exists in every living organism even in the tiniest bacteria as well. It keeps your body in shape and creates a notional schedule for you. Therefore, along with dieting, people should also focus on their biological clock as well.