Seven Year Old Runs up a Bill of $5900 Playing Games on Father’s iPad

Seven year old Faisal racked up a bill of $5900 after playing games on his father’s iPad.

Faisal Shujaa paid the price of his memory when he memorized his father’s Apple ID password and used it to play games on his father’s iPad. As a result of this, he rang up 65 transactions with Apple in a span of five days as he played Jurassic World. Faisal believed that he was only upgrading dinosaurs in the game with Dino Bucks but had no inkling that this was being translated to transactions in real money.

Faisal’s father Mohamed Shuja only found out about the transactions when he used his credit card to make a purchase. He was completely annoyed at Apple, telling them that they should have confirmed the transactions with him before approving them. He said they should have known that there was no need for an adult to spend so much money on game upgrades.

At first Apple was not very positive about Shuja’s demand for a refund, telling him that they would register a complaint but could not guarantee a refund. Finally, when Shuja told them they needed the money to buy his son a Christmas present, Apple gave him a full refund.