Sex Slave is allowed in Islam; said by Auria Maqbool

There has been various controversial news regarding the sex slaves of ISIS and isolating that act from Islam. But in our Pakistan that justifies this act as being part of the religion. Famous Islamic scholar and TV anchor, Auria Maqbool has shocked the entire nation after stating a clear and precise proposition that Sex Slaves are allowed in Islam. He particularly said that if a man possesses a slave woman than he can establish the sexual relationship with her without having any Nikkah. There has been a new debate started over the sexual relationships of man with Non-mehram women and this news provides a dimension for the people to contemplate. Prior to that another Islamic figure and scholar Mufti Abdul Qayoom has allowed the man to have sex with non-mehram women. This statement of Auria was actually the reaction of that permitting. There is really a black hole for this matter in religion.