Shahid Afridi Backed by Former Cricketer Jawed Miandad

World t20 is under running and the two big guns of Asia are in same group. World cup is being held in India and Pakistan has concerns over security. Both the teams are rivals and fans enjoy the clash between them.

Before the start of the tournament, Pakistan’s captain Shahid Afridi has given a statement regarding the tournament. He said that it is always a fun in playing match against India in India. And they have always been loved by the Indian crowd more than the home crowd of Pakistan. He also added that cricket brings people closer and politics should be kept separated from the cricket.

Shahid Afridi Press Conference in India – 13 Mar 2016 – World T20 2016

This statement has become the controversies as many Pakistani fans got hurt because of the statement of Pakistan’s captain. Jawed Miandad has given remarks upon these controversies that: the statement given by the Afridi is not a big deal these kind of statement has always been given by the players to calm down the environment.

A notice has been given by the judicial activism chairmen Azhar Saddiq on Afridi statement accusing him of hurting the feelings of Pakistanis. They have asked Afridi to give clarification of his statement.