Sharmeen’s Answer to the Noor’s Plagiarism Accusation

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has become the first Pakistani Director to win the Oscar Award for the second time on her documentary, A Girl in The River: The Price of Forgiveness. Despite of appreciating her for getting such a privileged academy award, people are criticizing her for dishonoring the country’s image. Upon that one director Ali Noor has accused her for plagiarizing his story of Price of Honor. He said that the Oscar winner has stolen his basic idea and won the award.

Sharmeen has explained this accusation by asking a simple question that how can a fiction film is copied by a documentary, which is based on the real events. According to her, the documentary is solely dependent upon the real facts while the film of Ali Noor is clearly the fiction.

She asked this question in response to a tweet that was posted earlier. She cleverly answered it as she is a smart lady. She knows how to tackle such idiotic claims. She is also a very powerful lady, working for the cause of empowering the women in Pakistan. Sharmeen is receiving a critical behavior from the public as she has touched a very sensitive issue.