Showbiz personalities support extension in Rangers operation in Karachi new

Various showbiz personalities believe that the rangers should extend their operations in Karachi in order to combat terrorism and establish security, law and order in the city which they feel is very important.

In this regard, renowned Lollywood producer and director Syed Noor has said that those who do not support the rangers operations in the city do not intend that peace should be established in Karachi, and they do not have the best interests of the country at heart.

Senior film and TV actor Ayub Khosa feels that it is more important to establish peace and security in the city than to try to score points in the political arena. He feels that it is unfortunate that rates of terrorism are so high in Pakistan, and added that it was necessary to destroy terrorist strongholds in order to eradicate terrorism in Pakistan.

Singer Rabi Pirzada too feels that those who oppose the Rangers operations are anti-Pakistan. She feels that the Rangers have been very effective in curbing the problem of terrorism, and the operations should be extended on a permanent rather than a temporary basis. Similar sentiments were echoed by others in the industry including Hira Rizvi and Hira Butt.