Sidhart Malothra Defending Alia Butt

Kamal rashid khan made a nasty comment about alia butt and the super star of sidhart malothra acted upon it as the rumors about alia butt and sidhart malothra are revolving this become a war against KRK. After student of the year they have become friends and other people gained attention by making comments on them. Both of them were shooting for a magazine in India named as VOGUE, they have made to wear swimwear.

KRK tweet that alia look so bacchi in panty but still some people keep forcing her to wear it.

Sidhart Malothra Defending Alia Butt Twitter

Sidhart Malothra tweet at KRK to shut up and some other people tweeted at KRK to stop making such comments as she is doing her work and try to absorb that and had made progress to vogue.

Many actors also tweet at KRK to stop making such remarks about other. krk has habit of making such comments on other actresses like he said sonakshi sexy and vidya buddhi and alia as bacchi. In the fight SID also offer him to take some English classes as he didn’t understand his last tweet. The fights end and the KRK said that they are fiends and can say anything to each other but others are taking to the wrong way as they are fun in watching the fight between me and sidhart.