SRK and Mahira chilling the fans together1

Both actors are going to be featured together in their new movie Raees and the pictures of them together are giving an exotic and chilly feelings to the fans. Specially, fans of SRK are excited to see the foreign actress to perform with their favorite Bollywood star. They are rocking this pre-stage of the movie as both are looking awesome together in the recent pictures.

They were recently seen by their fans at the Ahmedabad Airport together and this made the fans very excited and anxious to see them in the cinemas.

SRK and Mahira chilling the fans together

There are no pictures of them together and these are the real snaps of them together after the announcement of them working together. That’s why these pictures made fans some idea how they would look in the theaters. Fans are now waiting with more eagerness after seeing them together for the very first time.

More pictures from the set of Raees have also been viral and they are being shared with quite an enormous rate.
They were actually flying back to the Mumbai when they caught on the Ahmedabad airport. There were other staff members of the project as well with them. Both side of the border are waiting for the movie.