SRK offered a fan for a job on Twitter

Shahrukh Khan is the Bollywood giant, having billions of fans around the world. Currently, he is busy in the promotion of his new upcoming movie “Fan”. Recently, he has offered his fan a job on the twitter. This news is spreading like a fire as it is not a usual way to get a job offer from such a high caliber of celebrity on such a public forum. The fan is actually a very passionate lover of his work. SRK has converted the dream of that fan into reality to work for him.

The fan named Jaimnie, has made a trailer for the new movie of SRK, Fan and released it on Sunday on Twitter. The fan requested the SRK to watch the trailer as it was released on the birthday of Jaimnie. The fan also mentioned that this trailer was developed after getting the inspiration from the SRK’s company Red Chili Production. This fan spends around 60 hours to develop and finalized the trailer. After watching the phenomenal trailer, SRK immediately offered the job as the trailer was just made SRK the fan of the work. He was convinced with the skills. The movie will be released on 15th of April.