Stop Deceiving People and Tell the Truth Advice by Mustafa Kamal

Mustafa Kamal who return to Pakistan after 2 years and on his arrival he called a press conference and put some serious allegations on MQM and chief Altaf Hussain. He said that MQM is working for Indian agency RAW and they have been funded trained and ammonized by RAW to destroy the piece of KARACHI which Is the heart of Pakistan and the biggest city and the biggest market of Pakistan. He said that its time to tell the truth and he addressed Altaf Hussain and asked him to tell his party member the truth.

Mustafa Kamal the founder of his unnamed party and former senator said that one day everybody has to go to God. He also said that if I’m involved in some crime, first give punishment to me or my partner Anees Qaim Khani.

He said that Altaf Hussain doesn’t care about any one, not even his party member. Mustafa Kamal said that altaf Hussain wants to do politics on dead body and it is his style to do politics. He also talked about the incident of Baldia town, where a factory was set on fire by MQM party member because of extortion money. The factory gate was sealed so no one can come out of this factory and people jumped out of the window trying to get out of the building. Mustafa Kamal clearly put allegation of Baldia on MQM and their chief Altaf Hussain sahib.