Sunny Leone is quite firm and Stable, countering the stubborn Indian Journalist

Sunny Leone has diverted his career from the porn industry to the Bollywood acting. The actress seems to not be ashamed of her past work and own it proudly. She has adapted to the Bollywood movies by doing the “Item Songs” that are quite exotic and sexy. But gradually, she also put steps into the main acting roles as well. In her recent interview with an Indian Journalist, she answered all his questions with confidence and calmly defended her past performances in the porn industry. She was very stable and steady while talking to the interviewer and she seems to be very comfortable talking about her past.

She has become the most searched personality on internet by Indians as she transferred herself from the most controversial industry to the Bollywood. Many of the Indians appreciated it, but most of them wants her to re-enter that past job. According to some actors, this interview was quite brutal and humiliating as the journalist of CNN-IBN Bhupendra Chaubey asked some unreasonable and sarcastic questions. He seems to have an aim to discourage and feel her shame for her past porn experiences. His attitude was not positive nor polite and he was there to just humiliate her.

Sunny told him that she doesn’t care about the negative opinion about her and she will continue to do whatever she wants to do. As far as she is happy and comfortable, she will continue to do it. After hearing such bold comments from Sunny, the interviewer was still persistent to ask the uncomfortable and controversial questions.

She answered the question about the porn acting in style by saying that her present success in Bollywood has the direct link with her past job and she is proud to own it.

Although, Amir Khan refused to work with her, she said she is still his biggest fan and will watch his movies for sure.